Making the Most of Family Vacations

Most of my photos are taken on vacations with my family. I find it can be really hard to stop long enough to really look around when I’m also focused on spending quality time with my family. This isn’t a bad thing, I mean, after all, family vacations are supposed to be about time with family, right? But when you also love photography and want to take advantage of every moment, it can be a real struggle.

This scavenger hunt list reminded me that it’s important to look around when I can and always look around the corner. These two photos were literally taken from 2 sides of the same corner and I would have missed one or the other of them if they hadn’t been on the list.

I took the one of the houses first. This isn’t Rainbow Row, although it looks similar, but I loved the picture and was thrilled to find an empty street in the middle of the day. 

Then Kevin had me turn around and wow!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wall built around a tree like that. It was so fascinating to look at. We also enjoyed investigating how the tree has grown since the wall was built. The photo not for publication was my son trying to climb said tree… 🙂

Now, I would never advocate ignoring my family so I could get a good picture, but I am learning to try to keep my eyes open while we walk and talk. Occasionally, we get to see something that really gives us something to talk about!

These are two more photos I took using Kevin McQuade’s residential photo scavenger hunt. If you like what you see and are planning to visit Charleston, SC, look Kevin up at  !!

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