Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Canon EOS 7D MarkII

When I starting my photography journey, I was a stay at home mom and extra money for things like cameras was scarce. My original digital SLR was a Canon Rebel, but after just a few years the camera became unreliable. I was stuck with no camera body and multiple lenses. Also, what had happened to my Rebel was a common problem in that line.

I wanted a new camera that was compatible with my collection of lenses, but wouldn’t break the bank. On the recommendation of a friend of ours and after much research, I settled on the EOS 7d Mark II.

I know many professional photographers view this model as substandard because it is not a full frame camera. The sensor is APS-C sized (22 x 15mm) and not the traditional size of 35mm film camera (36 x 24mm). I recognize that a full frame camera has many advantages over the smaller sensor size, but at the time I was mainly a hobbyist and investing that much money in a full frame camera was not practical.

I have found that my 7D Mark II takes remarkable images. In fact, it was because of the quality of many of those images that I decided to try to earn money with my camera. Maybe one day I will upgrade to a full frame DSLR, but for now I am really happy with my camera.

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